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Real Talk With LaRay is a weekly podcast that was created to bring all men and women together in a loving supportive environment to help encourage and build up each other with compassion and strength. Our desire is to meet both men and women who want to take off their social mask to share life changing events with others of day to day stories of triumph, victories, and successes in life, relationships and marriage. Real Talk With LaRay is a place where you can help others build a brand for themselves or help them to realize that they are not alone, that there are other people who have similar problems and struggles.


Real Talk with LaRay will be back this coming September broadcasting live each and every Sunday at 7pm. 

We are currently seeking special guests to join us on the show each week to discuss REAL life social topics such as:

  • How do you keep your faith during difficult times?

  • Relationships & Quarantine

  • How to deal with Mental Illness

  • Surviving CoVid-19

  • Trusting God through the process

  • Single Parenting: A Father's Story

  • Learning How To Forgive

  • Single Mothers Raising Sons through Racism

  • How to Handle When Your Child Reveals They are LGBTQ

  • Suviving Infidelity: HerSide, HisSide, The Truth

  • Overcoming Fear and Walking in Boldness

  • Coping through the Loss of a Love One

  • Relationships: Seeing the Red Flags

  • Keys to a Successful Marriage

  • Marriage and the Blended Family

  • Love & Hate of Marriage

  • Marriage Again after Divorce

  • God & Marriage

  • Communication and Finances in a Marriage

  • Emotional Abuse

  • Life after Marriage

  • Is Divorce really an option?

  • Marriage after Infidelity: Her Side vs. His Side

  • Sex & Marriage

  • and more....



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