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God is within her, she will not fail

Psalms 46:5


LaRay McDaniel, a native of the Washington, DC, area, has been given a very amazing creative vision by God. She is a multifaceted woman who works as an actress, singer, writer, director, and producer. She is a living example of how to live out your calling while following God's plan for your purpose to serve others. In 2018, she founded LaRay Productions with the goal of providing content for audiences of all ages. Her objective was to use her God-given abilities to produce and develop stories that told heartwarming stories about life experiences and religion. She has an unrelenting drive and creativity as a writer to generate stories that strike the heart and hit home. Whether through theater, films, or web series, she intends to create uplifting stories about life experiences and how the power of faith can help you in any circumstance.

In 2018, she directed and produced her debut stage play, "Ties That Bind," which became a YouTube web series in 2022. She wanted to build the tale for Ties that Bind on real-life challenges that families experience every day, presenting a series of happenings that will ultimately put their faith in God to the test. 

She is currently working on her second stage play, "When the Vows Break," which examines the essence of marriage and the adversary's attempts to steal, kill, and demolish it. However, God is capable of turning anything around through faith. 

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