Project Title:  The Ties That Bind

Format: Theater Stage Play, 2:15 hours anticipated runtime

Genre: Drama and Comedy

Director: LaRay McDaniel


Expected Production Dates: February 9, 2019 & February 10, 2019

Production Location: Alexandria, VA



The Ties That Bind is a stage play based on the lives of four families who struggles with their own family secrets of life changing events that will cause a butterfly effect that will test their faith and belief in God. Will the mothers and daughters find strength to press on through their trials and forgive and will the fathers find salvation for their faults or be lost forever in the world of their own sins.


How to Audition:

Send headshot-resume to with preferred date and time.

Audition Date: Friday, Nov. 16th @ 6pm – 9pm and Saturday, Nov. 17th @ 2pm – 5pm

Audition Location: 4810 St. Barnabas Road Suite 201-B, Temple Hills, MD 20748


Character Descriptions:


Neicy [Lead] – Late Teen’s to mid-20’s - An emotional teen who battles with the pains of being sexually abused; fearing to tell her parents her only solution is to take her life to rid herself of the pain and her parents knowing this horrible secret until tragedy strike and the secret is revealed.


**Juanita [Lead, Vocalist Role] – Early 30’s – Late 40’s - A spiritually grounded mother who believes that prayer is the only comfort through any situation and who take matters into her own hands without realizing what she has done until after the fact


Stan [Lead] – Early 30’s – Mid 50’s – A spiritually grounded father who protects his family at all cost and takes on the responsibility of a crime he didn’t commit to protect the one he loves.


**Gregory [Lead, Rapper Role] – Late Teen’s to Late 20’s - Star studded college basketball player who finds himself overwhelmed with the day to day pressure of being a star athlete and finding his comfort through alcohol.


**Kevin [Supporting, Rapper Role] – Late Teen’s to Late 20’s – Hot-headed male college basketball player who struggles with the loss of his father and uncovers the secret of his best friend.


Cynthia [Supporting] – Early 30’s – Late 40’s – Widowed wife struggling with the loss of her husband and the fight to keep her son.


Jimmy [Supporting] – Early 30’s – Mid 50’s – Creepy, Sexual Abuser, who thinks that his secret is safe until he is caught in the act and pays the ultimate price. 


​Melinda [Lead] – Early 30’s to Late 40’s – Soft spoken and naïve; She struggles with the mental and verbal abuse of her boyfriend and coping with the strained relationship with her daughter.


Calvin “Big C” [Lead] – Early 30’s – Mid 50’s – Sarcastic, manipulative street hustler who is mentally and verbally abusive towards his girlfriend and her daughter.


Michelle – [Supporting] – Late Teens to Mid 20’s Tomboyish Smart mouthed and street-wised who struggles with her mother because of her relationship with a man she knows is no good for her. 


Winslow – [Supporting] – Early 30’s – Mid 50’s Hilariously funny; Quick tempered and physically abusive Playboy who drinks and finds it only necessary to take out his frustration out on those around him. 


Shelia – [Supporting] – Early 30’s to Late 40’s Battered wife who struggles with a physically abusive husband and leaving her daughter behind to save herself.


Kelsey – [Supporting] – Late Teens to Mid 20’s Pushy smart mouth teen who struggles with an abusive alcoholic father and abandonment from her mother.


Detective Jones [Lead] – Early 30’s – Mid 50’s – Smart and straight-talking male in his mid-thirties to mid-forties who is the lead detective in the cases surrounding Stan, Calvin, Winslow and Greg. 


​Detective Nadine Watson [Supporting] – Early 30’s – Mid 40’s – Flirty & Straight-talking female who is an undercover informant to bring down a big-time dealer.


​Claudine [Supporting] – Early 30’s – Late 40’s – Sarcastically funny & Classy lady with a sharp tongue and a trigger-happy finger.


Grandma [Supporting] – Mid 40’s to Late 60’s – Christian based grandmother caught between the heartache of her grand-daughter in the life and the afterlife.  


**Jackson [Supporting, Vocalist Role] – Early 30’s – Mid 50’s – Embezzling pastor who finds redemption for his sins.


Young Niecy [Cameo Appearance] – 8 – 12 – Young child who is sad and withdrawn from hiding a deep dark secret.


Young Gregory [Cameo Appearance] 10 – Mid Teens – Young child for a flashback scene.


Young Kevin [Cameo Appearance] 10 – Mid Teens – Young child for a flashback scene.                                                                                            

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