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Devon "Von" McCain – (40s) is a workaholic who loses sight of his marriage and disregards his wife's needs due to his overbearing work schedule and desire for other women. He repents after realizing that his egocentric behavior led his wife to another man. Soon after, he takes his pain to the bottle and soon develops a drinking problem that causes great concern among his family and friends.

Latoya “Toy” McCain – (40s) is a spiritually guided woman who desperately seeks her husband's attention and begins to lose trust in her marriage. In need of compassion and attention, she reconnects with an old flame, which leads to an adulterous relationship. She struggles with her spiritual convictions and finds herself in a situation that compels her to return to where her heart rests. (UNDERSTUDY)


Alia McCain - (14-15) Finds herself struggle against the pressure of her parents separation and trying to fit in to be cool. i

Allen Gregory - (30s–40s) is an arrogant, smooth-talking person who reconnects with an old flame during a vulnerable period in her life. Recognizing that she still has feelings for him, he begins to give her the attention she requires, but at the expense of conquering another man's wife.

Lavonda Wells – (30s - 40s) is Toya's best friend and says what she thinks. She knows that Toya's marriage is making her unhappy, so she tells her to do what makes her happy. Vonda has always been Toya's voice of reason, but their friendship stands the test of time when Toya finds out a secret Vonda has been keeping from her.

Monica Thomas - (30s-40s) The other woman in Devon's life who brings him down by introducing him to his old habits. (UNDERSTUDY)

Bri Jackson - (mid-to-upper teens) is a smart-mouthed, on-the-edge older teen with whom Alia forms a new bond. When she sees that Alia is getting more stressed, she starts to introduce her to things that go against what her family believes and she was raised.

Carolyn Brown – (50s – 60s) is a no-nonsense type of woman who tells it how it is; she encourages her daughter to make sensible decisions about the people and things she wants in life before they get out of hand. (UNDERSTUDY)

Jayden “Jay” Price – (30s - 40s) is a spiritual man who serves as Devon's closest friend and coaching partner. Upon learning of his best friend's infidelity, he offers him spiritual guidance to overcome the obstacles in his life. 

Elizabeth "Liz" McCain – (60s) is Devon’s mother. She is a Sanctified and God-fearing woman who is always eager to teach her son the Bible. Having observed the man he has become since losing his wife, the only thing she can do for him at this point is pray. (UNDERSTUDY)


Deacon Theodore "Theo" McCain – (60s) is Devon's Father. A man who fears God and attempts to teach his son what it means to walk in God's will in his marriage when he sees that his son's life is deteriorating after the breakup. He decides to give him the tough love he needs to open his eyes and confront the issues that led to the breakup.

Brandi Jordan (14 - 16) – is on the verge of risking his friendship with his best friend to impress someone who is bad news. 

Pastor Robert Walker - (40s & Up) Pastor Robert Walker is the Pastor of the Church of the Holy Word of God. In the time of despair, he offers spiritual counsel. 

First Lady Clarissa Walker – (40s – 50s) Lady Clarissa Walker is the first lady of the Church of the Holy Word of God. After realizing that Toya hasn't been to church in a while, she decides to pay her a visit and provide the spiritual nourishment that her soul so desperately needs. (MUST BE ABLE TO SING)

Minister Quinton Lee Randolph - (20's) Nephew of Pastor and First Lady Walker who visits the Church of the Holy Word of God delivers a powerful sermon for all to hear. 

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