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A wife battles with the pressure of feeling deserted and dismissed by her obsessive workaholic husband. Her loneliness sends her spiraling into an enticing relationship that causes her to be caught in a web between her marriage, her faith and the other man.

Adult Roles

Coach Buc – African American, early 30’s to mid-40’s. Coach Buc is Darrin’s good friend and assistant coach. He is a man of faith and wisdom. He provides Darrin with words of wisdom and spiritual guidance as he deals with his failing marriage.


G - African American, early 30’s to mid-40’s. Sense of humor.  G is one of Darrin’s closest friends who knows who Darrin is and tries to advise him against taking one of the biggest steps in his life.


April – African American, late 20’s to mid-40’s. Attractive, sophisticated and possessive. April finds herself falling in love with a married man who is still in love with his wife.


Monica – African American, late 20’s to early 40’s. Attractive and flirtatious. Monica indulges in a tempting relationship with a married man she met online.   


Marvin – African American, early 20’s to mid-20’s. Slim, low cut hot tempered single dad who thinks he has all the answers. He finds himself in some heat with actions with his football coach.


Devilish Entity – Any Ethnicity, late 20’s to late 40’s. Dark and Deceiving. The Dark Angel is the Father of Lies who rages a war to steal, kill and destroy Tina and Darrin’s marriage.


Gina – African American, early 30’s to mid-40’s. Flirtatious. Gina is attracted to a classmate who is involved in another relationship.

Dr. Joann Davis – Any Ethnicity (Mid 40’s & 50’s) – Dr. Davis is a faith based marriage counselor who helps a struggling couple fix their marital problem.

Pastor Kenneth Jackson – African American (Mid 30’s – Mid 50’s) – Pastor Jackson is the residing pastor of New Life Tabernacle. He gives a sermon on marriage to help reach struggling married couples save their marriage.


Children/Teen Roles

Demiya, African America, age 13 to 17. Quiet, . Demiya is Tina’s eldest daughter who has grown tired of her mother’s many relationships. She finds herself stepping up to take on the responsibility to care for her sister when her mother falls into depression after failed relationships.  Demiya become much more vocal with feelings and isn’t afraid to share her opinions about her mother’s strained marriage and behavior.


Destiny – African America, age 8 - 10.  Inquisitive and bubbly. Janae is Tina's youngest daughter who is a mommy’s girl.


Dee – African America, age 13 - 17. Sassy and smart-mouth. Brittany finds it hard to adapt to the reality of her father’s new life with his wife and her daughters.  She finds it necessary to try and stir up trouble for her stepmom.

Alexia - African America, age 13 - 17. Outspoken. Alexia is Dee's best friend. 


Extra Roles

  • Church Members – Any Ethnicities (ages 20 & up)

  • Club Patrons – Any Ethnicities (ages 21 & up)

  • Medical Students – Any Ethnicities (ages 20 & up)